Time has shelved my once familiar shelves

Moving house repeatedly, in disruptive conjunction with the contemporary shift towards electronic media and my partial acquiescence in this, has affected my relationship with the physical location of my books, now in diaspora, and therefore to some degree with the body of literature I do not hold stored in my mind, so that I have thought for some time that it would be desirable to establish at least an unfolding linear record on a website of the works I have been reading. The hands of the clock are at eleven, in a sense, nor will this process ever attain any state approximating to completeness, for most is in the past and much of that now only vestigially or quintessentially retained in the mind, notwithstanding a lifelong proneness to quote and an unfailing loyalty to the power of recollection. Nevertheless I intend to start afresh and in a different ethereal location from that of my main site, adonis.blue, since this will permit me to post references to texts directly to one place, a more elegant process than that of building a secondary page there devoted to reading. Some of the books and articles I have absorbed since retirement may also be found here, on Flipboard. I may not have time to add much in the way of commentary as I proceed, my essential purpose being to create a thread of which Ariadne might approve, with a view to assisting pleasant recollection and to permitting colourful backtracking at such times as those in which the present may appear momentarily to be uninhabitable and a refuge a necessity.. LJ

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